Website Proposal

Website Build – UX

  • Custom Theme
  • Designed/Developed in WordPress + Elementor Pro
  • 5 Page Site – Home, Portfolio, About, Team, Contact
  • Fully Responsive
  • Video feature on home page

  20 hrs

SEO – within website

  • Install, activate and setup Rank Math SEO – Rank Math helps you get ranked higher by making your website SEO-friendly and your content worthy of featured position
  • Site content – H1, H2, H3 markup applied
  • Schema added to all pages – Focus keyword, snippet, descriptions and previews
  • Alt Image tags and descriptions applied to all photos

  6 hrs

Website Build – Content Development 

  • Curate/Create approx 120 preview graphics for each vineyard 
  • Curated 5 source videos and created home page video
  • Add additional description content to each Vineyard (120+) in Portfolio – also for SEO 

  12 hrs

SEO – Google & Google Site Kit 

  2 hrs

Total Hours/Cost

  40 total hrs

  • Includes all maintenance, updates, fixes for 1 year.
  • Includes adding up to 25 new Vineyards for 1 year  
  • 50% up front/50% on completion 

Total:  $ 3,000.00

Terms & Conditions

  • Some requests may incur additional charges. Examples include an additional page
  • If a request will incur additional charges I’ll let you know first
  • Client will have full rights and access to their website upon final payment. There is a yearly fee of $175 for licensing of Elementor Pro and other plugins – this will not be due for another year.

Additional Work – ending 4/23/20


– Added page “How We Work” – 3 hrs.

– Built separate Wine & Beer Portfolio pages with sortable galleries. 5 hrs.

– Employment form & description – 1hr

– Facebook Messenger/chatbot integration – .5


– Setup Facebook Account – 2hrs

– Built & Uploaded Marketing Video for Facebook Cover – 1hr

– Added Wine Portfolio and tagged each supplier – 3hrs

– Added Beer Portfolio and tagged each supplier – 2hrs

-Liked/Followed each supplier’s Facebook as Ambiente. 1 hr.

Google My Business

– Updated all info – added local markets, keywords, description – 1hr

– Uploaded Marketing Video

Google Products (within GMB)

– Added Domestic & Import Portfolios with images and backlink to – 3hrs

– Added Beer Portfolio with images and backlink to – 2hrs

Total – 25hrs.  $ 1,875.00


-Setup Bing Account via link & sync with Google Search Console

-Linked Bing Local to your Google my Biz. (their version of GMB – it sucks btw) .5hr


I changed all online identity to “Ambiente Wine” – Google, Bing, Facebook. Instagram already has Ambiente.Wine.

Beer will need it’s own social media accounts.

The best plan I can think of is we start out carrying Beer on the Wine site. Build a separate Beer site. When Beer site is ready we link from Wine to Beer and lose Beer page on Wine Site. 

Google Search View Result

Google Products – Google My Business

Google Product Entry

Bing Business

Bing Webmaster

Facebook – Domestic Portfolio

Facebook – Import Portfolio

Facebook – Craft Beer Portfolio

Facebook – Product Details

Facebook -Feed view