Clarity. Strength. Peace.

Yoga keeps you grounded and tuned into yourself.

Gabby's Zen Space

Yoga keeps me grounded and tuned into myself and life around me. Practicing always brings me back to love, compassion and gratitude, and I experience more clarity and strength in my body and mind every time I get on my mat. Both yoga and meditation have helped me to feel more at ease and peaceful in life, and I enjoy helping others find that inner/outer peace as well. I focus much of my time teaching the benefits of yoga, good alignment in each pose, how to protect ourselves from injuries, how to help our bodies heal, how to breathe with mindfulness/pranayama, and can offer gentle, safe adjustments in each pose if wanted or needed by the student. I feel driven to share this knowledge with anyone who wants to learn, and the opportunity to teach gives back to me with so much abundance!

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